A Better You: Top Tips to Boost Employability

A Better You: Top Tips to Boost Employability
Are you wondering how you can stand out from the crowd of other job applicants?

After massive lay-offs due to the pandemic, the market has started to recover. Many businesses are starting to hire again, but this doesn't mean that searching for positions has become much easier. In fact, many job-seekers have found the competition stiff, exacerbated by the millions still looking for work. 

That's why improving your employability is essential. Polishing the way you present yourself allows you to take the reins on your job search. It also increases your chances of getting an offer.

Below, we'll get into how to improve your employability. Keep reading if you want to get your dream job!

Get Good at Soft Skills

If you look at a job posting, you're likely to see two things: a description of the job's requirements and a list of personal qualities the ideal candidate possesses.

Why do employers do this? 

Hiring managers know good work comes about through a combination of specialized training and soft skills. You can be fantastic at completing a project on your own, but the team will accomplish more if you're also a good communicator, collaborator, etc.

While you are job searching, it's important to not let your soft skills fall to the wayside. If you want to get better at them, consider joining a group of volunteers. That way, you'll have a chance to improve your collaboration with other people before you get a job offer. You may even learn some other skills you can use to boost your employability!

Polish Your Resume

Keeping your resume up-to-date is essential. It will be one of the first things a hiring manager looks at when they receive your application. As such, it should do two things: 1. highlight your skills, and 2. impress them.

There are several ways to organize a resume. If you've just graduated, list your education first, then go into your work experience. If you're starting out your career and don't have work experience, you can also list your volunteer experience.

Those who are going from job to job should mention their work experience first. 

Your work or volunteer experience section should include details on what tasks you performed on a regular basis. Start each task description with an action verb. This subtly signals that you take initiative and are proactive. 

Make Yourself Memorable

Even when people polish their resumes, they may have a difficult time standing out from all the other qualified applicants.

So, how do you increase your chances of getting an interview? You can make yourself memorable to improve employability. 

The appropriate way to do this will depend on the job. Many employers are willing to receive phone calls about the position. When you call, you'll have an opportunity to establish a positive rapport. You'll also be showing initiative, which is a quality employers love.

Before you pick up the phone, re-check the job description. Some employers ask for no phone calls.

You can also tell stories. People remember stories better than they remember other information. As such, if you tell employers a story about how you used your skills, you'll stand out.

Ready to Improve Your Employability?

Now that you know how you can improve your employability, it's time to take your job search to the next level.

Diversity Inclusion Jobs is proud to connect job-seekers to employers who need their skills. We love helping diverse professionals from all fields get the roles they need to succeed. 

Want to find your new job? Look at our job board today!

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